NEOM Industrial city Launching – Imagination

Scope of work

A strategic and milestone event in the history of KSA was successfully implemented. NEOM launched its Industrial City as part of the 2030 Vision,.  Businessmen from all over the world were invited to this private event which introduced Neom and its potential.

•Static totems

•Mirror totems

•LED base trim

•Qanun stage

•Reception desk

•Modesty wall


•Water channel

•Entrance sand sculpture

•Entry wall Entry area

•Entry elevation

•Dining entry


•Graphics and branding

•Reception wall

•Reception desk

•Back reception

•Gallery wall graphic

•Dj backwall

•Dj desk fronte16_gallery framee

•17_dj frame

•Tunnel surrounde

•Table cards

•Place cards

•Aeroplane napkin

•Tote bag

•Cue cards

•Valet stand

•Welcome desk table top sign

•Customized vests and abayas for staff as a dress code




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